José Antonio Pantoja Hernández American, born Cuba (1971-) Exodus

2017, acrylic on canvas 48x36 inch

Exodus is my reaction to the slaughter of thousands upon thousands of innocent Syrians at the hands of their own government. As the father of a young child, I was shocked by the countless images of children killed by bombs, and even worse-if that's possible-by the Syrian government's use of poison gas.


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Tim Landes

Hanging inside Gilcrease Museum, less than 10 feet from John James Audubon’s renowned painting The Wild Turkey, is a painting by Tulsa artist Jose Antonio Pantoja Hernandez called Exodus. Inspired by the millions of migrants fleeing the ongoing Syrian Civil War, the piece is part of the museum’s Americans All! exhibit featuring the works of 26 immigrant artists. Hernandez, 47, was born and raised in Cuba, where he painted on the streets. After a chance encounter in Havana with Tulsa journalist Michael Mason, Hernandez made it his goal to come here. He eventually sought political asylum in the U.S. and settled in Tulsa.

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This exhibition is now on view. Learn more about Americans All!