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The Wall

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The last Egg

acrylic on canvas 57x40 in  Enquire 

The Boat and the moon

acrylic on canvas SOLD private auction by new dominion oil company

              Without Direction

Acrylic on canvas 48x60 inch  Enquire 

             The Chosen Ones

Oil on canvas 48x60 inch Enquire 

Turtle 's steps 

oil canvas 48x60 inch  Enquire 

self portrait 

oil on canvas 40x30 inch Enquire 


OIL ON CANVAS 80X70 inch

Animal farm work started on July 11, 2021, the day that Cuban people demonstrated against the repressive dictatorship of the Castro & Canel  



Acrylic on canvas  80x75 inch 2020 


Banana man


      Oil on canvas 100 x 70 cm painted in cuba 2004

Portrait of Luis Hernández in the world of Cuban trova, almost no one will recognize him, but if he talks about El Plátano, just like that, everyone will discover the indefatigable photographer who for more than four decades immortalized the most famous faces of the song and of the young troubadours who began to defend the heritage of this cultural manifestation.  


The Paris Gentleman

Oil on canvas 100x60 cm sold private collection Cuba

portrait of José María López Lledín was an elegant vagabond known as El Caballero de Paris ("The Gentleman From Paris") who wandered the streets of Havana and was a well-known cult figure. 

                        The next one

Covid 19 have been one of the worse pandemic in these past years for humanity Pantoja’s new work, The Next One, depicts a Cuban man wearing a Soviet-era gas mask, a comment on how the Cuban people are struggling to survive COVID-19 just as they have the brutal Castro dictatorship the past 60 years.      


Heavy Load

Oil on canvas 60x48 in painted in Tulsa Oklahoma 2014

In this surreal painting Pantoja represents the dictator Fidel Castro as a giant man traveling on a boy’s tricycle pull by turtles moving slowly and carrying the old destroyed Havana city on his back..